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Bookmobiles are one of the most endearing specialty vehicles on the road today and many of us have fond memories of the "mobile libraries" of yesteryear.  In the same way fixed libraries have evolved over the years, Bookmobiles have also become sophisticated public information centers; typically offering far more than just books.  The very latest bookmobiles have adopted very environmentally friendly elements to become some of the greenest specialty vehicles on the road today!   Anaheim Public Library Bookmobile

Modern Bookmobiles can also feature many high-tech options such as: broadband connectivity, microprocessor controlled power systems, LED lighting systems, electronic climate control, etc.  These improvements have enhanced Bookmobile operability and longevity, but have come at the expense of increased complexity and cost. 

An experienced bookmobile consultant will help you weed through your options to determine the best solutions for your unique area and outreach program.

  As the former Director of Operations for one of the largest Bookmobile manufacturers in the USA, and current Chairman of the American Library Association's Subcommittee on Bookmobiles, Michael Swendrowski is recognized as an expert on Bookmobiles and offers his expertise to Libraries worldwide as a bookmobile consultant. 





Racine Public Library Bookmobile

Warren Newport Public Library bookmobile unveiling

Mother and Children on Bookmobile




Thank you so much for your enormous help!  We're going to have a project that we can be very proud of and one which will be a model for other bookmobiles.  We just could not have accomplished this on our own.


Melanie Lightbody - Director of Library Services


Proud member of:

  Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services     American Library Association Subcommittee on Bookmobiles  


American Library Association




 Behind the Wheel of a Bookmobile

Learn about an exciting literacy and outreach

project SVS is proud to be affiliated with.



 I just wanted to drop you a short line to thank you for all of your hard work on behalf of the Library and bookmobile project. The bookmobile was delivered with minimal problems. (the main problem was us learning how to operate everything!!)...I believe this is due mainly to your diligence in inspecting the unit during construction, and staying on top of the vendor to make sure everything was built as ordered. I do not think we would have as finished a product as we have without your assistance. The bookmobile looks absolutely stunning. It will be a great asset to the City for many years to come.

 Thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication to making sure this project came to a very successful conclusion.

 Karl Hopfer

Fleet Superintendent


Contact SVS today to learn how we can assist you with your Bookmobile program!

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Latest News


Industry Icon Dies  Suddenly at Age 63

Steve Farber, President of Farber Specialty Vehicles died suddenly on December 28, 2010.  

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SVS is proud to announce the development of the world's first "true" hybrid bookmobile. Learn more...


Michael Swendrowski on Green Vehicles

Michael Swendrowski will conduct a workshop focused on bookmobile sustainability at the Joint ABOS/ARSL Annual Conference in Denver. Learn more...


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Authors Highjack Bookmobile

Michael Swendrowski instrumental in development of "Behind the Wheel of a Bookmobile Project.  Learn more...


Michael Swendrowski on "Eco-Friendly" Bookmobiles

Michael Swendrowski will facilitate a moderated discussion about Green vehicles and fuels at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago.  Learn more...


National Bookmobile Day

The ALA's subcommittee on bookmobiles, lead by Michael Swendrowski has received approval to organize the first ever "National Bookmobile Day" starting in 2010.  Learn more...


Michael Swendrowski Appointed as New Chairman

Michael Swendrowski has been appointed as the new chairman of the American Library Association's subcommittee on bookmobiles.  Learn more...


SVS Co-sponsors Carol Hole Conference Attendance Grant

SVS is proud to co-sponsor the Carol Hole Conference Attendance Grant, awarded each year to an individual selected by the grant committee.  Learn more...



The Homer Township Public Library bookmobile

Hello Michael,


It has been just about a year since our ‘one-of-a-kind’ vehicle returned to us from its Maker. 

Thank you for all your help and expertise in troubleshooting and resolving our myriad of problems. It is really due to you that we are on the road, checking out about 7,000 items per month.

Have a wonderful summer and when our paths cross again, I hope that is has nothing to do with our current vehicle. 


Thanks a million,

Michelle Wisniewski







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