Specialty vehicle inspection

Manufacturer and project inspections are strongly suggested when building any specialty vehicle. Quite simply, they ensure that your project is proceeding or has been constructed correctly.

SVS conducts all inspections with a unique depth of perspective and expertise to ensure complete project compliance. Unfortunately, visual inspections just don't tell the whole story. Panels and assemblies must be removed to verify all aspects of the project, and the inspector must be well versed in current construction techniques, structural analysis, and regulatory requirements applicable to the project.


SVS keeps abreast with ever-changing regulations and industry technologies to inspect your project for FMVSS, DOT, MIL-SPEC, NEC and ANSI compliance, as well as full specification adherence and industry best practice. Every project inspected must conform to a rigorous 172-point inspection checklist before given a respected SVS seal of approval. Only SVS can provide this level of independent assurance - leading to a successful project that will serve you with years of safe and dependable service.

Count on SVS to inspect your project with the experience gained over many years of experience and training.