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Mobile Libraries 

Mobile Libraries are one of the most endearing specialty vehicles on the road today and many of us have fond memories of the "bookmobile" of yesteryear. In the same way fixed libraries have evolved over the years, Mobile Libraries have also become sophisticated public information centers; typically offering far more than just books. The very latest bookmobiles have adopted very sophisticated electronics and environmentally friendly elements to become some of the smartest and greenest specialty vehicles on the road today, all to provide the best and most efficient services to their communities! 

Many modern outreach vehicles feature high-tech options such as: broadband connectivity, microprocessor controlled power systems, app controlled LED lighting systems and electronic climate control, etc. These improvements have enhanced efficiencies and longevity, but have come at the expense of increased complexity and cost. An experienced bookmobile consultant will help you walk through your options to determine the best solutions for your unique area and outreach program.

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