SVS does not manufacture the vehicles you need, but assists you with expert services including:

  • Specialty Vehicle Buyer Assistance
  • Specialty Vehicle Specification Authoring
  • Specialty Vehicle Design and Engineering
  • Specialty Vehicle Project Management
  • Specialty Vehicle Inspections
  • Specialty Vehicle Program Development
  • Specialty Vehicle Business Consulting
  • Specialty Vehicle Market Research and Outreach Studies
  • Specialty Vehicle Training Programs
  • Specialty Vehicle Appraisals

Who we are 

Specialty Vehicle Services, LLC. ("SVS") is a professional firm committed to providing independent, specialty vehicle centered consulting services to its clients, both big and small. With decades of experience, we are able to provide the information and services you need to ensure your project's success!

Whether you're considering your first specialty vehicle or already have a fleet, our experts can assist in many ways. SVS is focused on helping you meet all of your mobile objectives with expert information and proven solutions.

On top of it all, the current economy simply does not allow for poor decisions or waste! Our ultimate goal is to assist you in making educated decisions, ensuring your specialty vehicle project is successful, and getting the absolute most from your project budget.