SVS founder and president

Michael Swendrowski

Our history

SVS was founded in 2002 by Michael Swendrowski after a successful 20-year career in the specialty vehicle manufacturing industry.  During that career, Michael held senior management positions including both Operations and Engineering Director within multiple organizations nationwide.  Michael utilizes structured, time-tested methodologies in conjunction with industry expertise to produce understandable findings, practical recommendations and realistic solutions.

Michael's experience within the specialty vehicle industry included principle roles in the development and manufacture of many projects. Notable projects include: super-compact mobile mammography units, unique and successful mobile marketing units, rapid-deployment mobile emergency cellular repeater sites for China's telecom ministry, touch-screen controlled surveillance platforms for the US government, military communication units, international airport mobile command posts, and satellite uplink/downlink connected public information units.

Many of the other hundreds of vehicles Michael has been involved with include: Bookmobiles, bloodmobiles, NASCAR racing trailers, mobile DUI units, tactical response vehicles, medical and dentistry clinics, mobile education units, and many others.